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The Border Oak Plot List

Showcasing all the sites we own or are working in partnership on - mainly in Herefordshire, but with occasional plots further afield.


The Border Oak Plot List

We know that finding a good plot, with planning approval, in a great location is incredibly difficult. Border Oak have always found, created and purchased plots for our clients - to help start your custom build journey.

For more than 20 years, we have taken an all encompassing approach to our plot service - aiming to eliminate all the stresses and trials of plot searching, planning, infrastructure initiation, servicing and landscaping. As a result we normally have a broad selection of excellent serviced sites, with detailed planning approval, assigned a designated Border Oak Project Manager and an over arching masterplan - even the infrastructure and shared landscaping is undertaken by us. You can still commission a beautiful bespoke Border Oak house, but can focus on the fun parts of design and construction, and not worry about the messy, stressful, boring or complicated aspects!

We hope that by resolving all the real or perceived issues around plot finding and facilitation (and by offering a complete price for the entire project) we can also offer exceptional value and practicality. Border Oak only buy sites that are beautiful and viable - in the very best villages and locations with good, but flexible, planning backgrounds.

Nowadays, many of our sites are small multi-unit developments on the edge of villages - but unlike other self build collectives you may see, where each site is marketed to anyone, and/or controlled by the landowner (and so you, the purchaser, may have no or very little reassurance regarding what may happen on adjacent plots or on shared areas), with a Border Oak plot you have the peace of mind to know that Border Oak are the master planner, we are responsible for installing all the infrastructure, and you will know that your neighbours can only build a Border Oak house  - using Border Oak materials.

We can ensure that whole scheme will be completed within a certain time to a very high standard and belive this is fundamental.

Furthermore if any of our plots remain unsold within the projected timeframe, Border Oak will often build the house in order to complete the project. We also undertake the public landscaping with mature trees, orchard planting, cobbled driveways, wide verges, wildflower meadows, native hedges and wildlife areas; ensuring that your completed project looks as beautiful as the images we first drew.


Our innovative approach to collective custom and self build developments is widely recognised as exceptional and unique.


From April 1st 2016

The Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 places a legal duty on ALL Local Authorities to create and manage a SELF BUILD and CUSTOM HOME Register.  We strongly recommend that any individual or community group wishing to build or commission their own home joins this register. Local Authorities must have regard for the evidence of demand shown by the register and should use the information to shape their planning policies, land use and decision making processes - to actively support those wishing to build their own home. Contact your Local Authority to join their Register if you are interested in self build/custom build now or in the future