Garden Structures

Our signature gazebo is particularly striking

The Kingsland

The Kingsland has a round format and incredible roof structure showcasing our craftsmanship and attention to detail. The perfect landmark building but also very useful and a compact size that works well with many landscaping plans and gardens. Handmade balustrading with diamond mullions can be added to any of our gazebos and look particularly beautiful on the Kingsland.

Our Self Assembly Kit provides all of the oak frame including oak rafters, oak balustrading (to 6 sides), padstones, instructions and drawings. We also provide oak pegs, the correct sized drill bit and nails etc. Please note that roofing batten and tiles are not included, nor delivery. Please contact us for a delivery quotation or you are of course welcome to collect from us.

d 3500 x h 3809 mm

(Height includes roof tiles)

£9,250 + VAT