Finding the perfect plot on which to build your own 'Grand Design' is often the most frustrating and time consuming aspect of the entire project.

Determination, imagination and measured compromise will help you achieve this crucial first step in the self build process. Our plot finding tips may also help.

The best advice we can offer is not to give up - plots appear at the strangest times!

From April 1st 2016 
The Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 places a legal duty on ALL Local Authorities to create and manage a SELF BUILD and CUSTOM HOME Register.  We strongly recommend that any individual or community group wishing to build or commission their own home joins this register. Local Authorities must have regard for the evidence of demand shown by the register and should use the information to shape their planning policies, land use and decision making processes - to actively support those wishing to build their own home. Contact your Local Authority to join their Register if you are interested in self build/custom build now or in the future

download current plot list - October 2017

garden house - welcome