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Border Oak - oak framed houses, oak framed garages and structures.

We coWe continued with our photo shoots this week whilst dodging the lovely British Summer weather chucking torrential rain, hailstones, wind, sunshine and all sorts at us! Fortunately we managed to get some breaks with blue skies for some beautiful externals.

We started off with a stunning development in Herefordshire of a Farmhouse, Barn and restoration  before visiting a bricked Pearmain Cottage and a small yet perfectly formed Halfpenny Cottage.

We have put some sneak peaks up on our Facebook page to give you a taster - https://www.facebook.com/borderoak/?fref=ts

We are so appreciative of our clients agreeing to allow a photographer to take over their house for a day, its such a great opportunity for us and really helps to expand our ever growing portfolio of designs. We hope that the images are beneficial to your project and dreams of owning a Border Oak property.


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