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Border Oak - oak framed houses, oak framed garages and structures.

Oving Village Hall-032-1

We were delighted to be involved in a project to create a space that so greatly benefits the local community and is directly linked to the hard work of all the locals who helped raise the money to achieve such a magnificent building.

Fund raising for the project started back in 2009 with quiz nights, bike rides, auctions, summer balls etc., raising an amazing £45,000 from within the community to go towards the building. This combined with grants from companies such as 'Leader' and 'WREN' meant that they could start planning how they wanted the building to look and what they wanted it to achieve.

The hall was designed to look traditional whilst incorporating 21st Century sustainable technology such as photo-voltaic panels and rainwater harvesting. Externally clad in weatherboarding to blend with the surrounding greenery, it houses an impressive internal cruck oak frame perfect for parties, wedding, fetes etc.

It is now regularly used for events that benefit the whole of the local community and is leased to the Oving Village Hall Trust, a registered charity, which manages the hall on behalf of all the residents and visitors to Oving.

The Village Hall was also awarded Highly Commended in the Aylesbury Vale District Council design awards.