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Border Oak - oak framed houses, oak framed garages and structures.

We use a range of construction systems with our oak frames depending on varying factors such as Planning and Building Regulations requirements and of course the client’s requirements.

Our in house Design Team of Building Regulations and oak frame specialists are able to keep abreast of the latest requirements and adapt our construction systems accordingly to meet and exceed current regulations.

Our main construction methods are SIPs Panels and the Border Oak Infill panel.  SIPs are an industry standard panel, providing excellent thermal and air tightness performance.  We have used this system for over 14 years and are now a Kingpsan Tek Delivery Partner. 

We have been using versions of our infill panel for over 30 years.  This fits within the oak framing on a traditional exposed oak frame and is usually rendered.  Its unique weatherproofing system provides a solution to the shrinkage of the green oak frame.

We are also adept at using softwood framing systems and traditional brick and block solutions on our buildings when appropriate.

All our construction systems are Building Regulations and NHBC compliant.  Due to our claim free record we have attained a Premium rating with the NHBC.

our panel systems