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Border Oak - oak framed houses, oak framed garages and structures.

Our standard range of outbuildings have been designed and engineered with self-assembly in mind.

Our unique 'factory-fitted' weatherboard panels are pre-formed at our workshops and simply require lifting and fitting into place.

Our hand crafted oak frames are test assembled to ensure quality. The rafters are pre-cut with individual 'birds mouth' detail to sit perfectly on wallplates.

The rafters are also marked to illustrate the position of the battens.

Nail holes are pre-drilled and we also supply a unique self-assembly pack containing nails, fixings, gloves, goggles, hard hats, ratchet straps, teak oil and a special drill bit.

Our full 'Self Assembly Pack' includes lead flashings, cover strips, galvanized and sheridised fixings, screws,nails, a flat bit (for drilling of the tenons), a ratcheted drilling strap (for tightening the frame), hard hats, goggles and protective gloves.

A typical two bay garage could be erected by two men over two days.

We also have erection teams available if the self-assembly option is not appropriate.

Our Standard Models are available as self assembly 'kits'. An almost infinite number of configurations can be developed from the basic designs.
Border Oak can also design a bespoke building to meet your requirements.