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Border Oak - oak framed houses, oak framed garages and structures.

Design and Planning

We have a dedicated in house design team who can help turn your ideas into a workable reality. We can also prepare and submit planning approvals and Building Regulations. Planning approval is not always required. Permitted Development may enable you to erect a structure without formal submission. Please speak to your Planning Officer to confirm the specifics of your project.

Planning Criteria PDF

Example Drawings

exampledrawaings 1
typical planning drawing

Border Oak have an in house technical drawing department who can draw and submit. Building Regulation applications using our specification and detailing. Our construction and design experience and knowledge enables us to tackle almost any project and to create the most suitable, cost effective and attractive builidngs.

04.11 Typical Planning Drawing
typical building detail

We can produce and submit a planning application on your behalf or provide you with the drawings needed for you to submit your own. Using either standard drawings, adapted standard drawings or bespoke designs, we aim to guide you through the planning process with the professional support needed for a successful outcome.

typical artist sketch
typical artist sketch

Some projects may require more detailed visual representations. Our designers are able to translate your requirements into artists impression sketches, to give the project depth and vibrancy.